Nursery Kids Celebrated X- Mas

Rjn 17 Dec.

Tiny Tots of Nursery celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ and spread happiness with their beaming smiles.. On this occasion, the kids enacted as Santa Claus and the red colour added vibrance to the show. The children shared sweets , chocolates and candies  among themselves. They captured the happy moments and  shared laughter  to make this day memorable.

They also celebrated their birthday by cutting a cake. The  teachers of Nursery Wing guided the children tofor the best performance.For successfully conducting this event, Pre-Primary Program In-charge teachers Ms. Aparajita Shah, Ms. Sejal Sharma,Ms. Muskan Sadhwani, Ms.Ojaswi Yadav, Ms.Suma Samsam, Ms. Kaneez Fatima contributed significantly. Art teacher Mr.Ajay Chaurasia and Mr. Gyanesh Patel gave valuable contribution in decorating the venue. Principal Mr. Abhishek Khandelwal shared that the students must value the various festivals and  know more about the birth of Christ.They should learn that sharing is caring. They shared gifts and good wishes by playing Santa Claus.The merry children shared their birthdays by with Santa Claus. He aslo added that such creative events spread happiness and learn the lessons of  value education .Yugantar family along with the organization’s Chairman Mr. Vinod Sadani, Secretary Mr. Vinay Dadha has expressed their joy over the success of this event.