YPS believes in learning by exploring the vivid aspects of knowledge.
To promote the spirit of learning, a 2 DAY NLP WORKSHOP was conducted by Ms.Deepti Bindal, NLP Transformation Coach for the students of Classes XII Science and Commerce on 22nd September,2022. The workshop included many brain train activities and games. Mrs.Deepti Bindal , resource person of the day stated that Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is rather a daily exercise to maintain a balance between body and brain. It is a process to break limited believes and communicate with reinforcement to generate the powerful thoughts It is essential to take care of the mental health to lead a stress-free and happy life.
The students also learned about goal settings, focus-enhancement, power of vision etc. They learned about the mind behavior and various oral signals connecting to the human mind .The three hours workshop was also a part of personality development which dealt with various traits of child psychology, motor skills, kinesthetic skills and cognitive skills .
The brain tool broadens the human imagination and supports in shaping up one’s dream. The workshop highlighted the scope of NLP in the different fields of life.NLP plays a pivotal role to treat a patient, counseling, marketing and business promotion.
Mr. Abhishek Khandelwal YPS Principal, Vinod Sadani Chairman of YPS, Vinay Daddha YPS Secretary along with Board of Directors appreciated Mrs.Deepti Bindal, PGT-Commerce for her painstaking efforts. They equally praised the involvement of the students throughout the session. The NLP workshop was indeed a way towards self awareness.