The silver jubilee anniversary of Yugantar was historic Rajnandgaon 25 December.

Yugantar Public School, a leading organization in the field of education in Central India, organized a wonderful celebration of the 25th anniversary .The school’s Chairman Mr. Vinod Sadani, Secretary Mr. Vinay Dadha, Treasurer Mr. Mishrilal Golcha, Director Mr.Sushil Kothari, Mr.Ajay Singi, Mr.Paras Aggarwal,Mr. Narendra Kotadia, Dr. Mohan Parakh ,Mr. Rajkumar Aggarwal, Mr.Prasanna Tatia, Mr. Madan Lunawat, Mrs. Saraswati Bhansali, PRO Mr.Dinesh Pratap Singh, Administrator Mr.Surendra Bhargava were all present to celebrate it . On this occasion, Director Mr.Sushil Kothari said that this anniversary celebration organized on the silver jubilee year will always remain unforgettable because of the tireless hard work of Yugantar family. Due to the co-operation received by the teaching and non-teaching staff in this annual festival, the whole event has become historic and unique. Chairman Mr. Vinod Sadani added that working with team and family spirit is the real identity of Yugantar. He praised the historic mesmerizing cultural program of the annual festival. Till late night and today also throughout the day, congratulatory and best wishes messages from the children kept coming in the WhatsApp groups of different classes.
In the group dance ‘Maa: Bond of Love’, the touching form of mother’s affection was seen. The glory of Maa Ganga was glorified in the group dance ‘Gangavatran’, which enthralled the audience. Rajasthani folk dance ‘Mharo Rajasthan’ showcased the colorful Rajasthani culture. The group dance ‘Maya’ directed by Mr.Rajendra Tiwari enthralled the audience. This dance full of beautiful inclusion also showed effective acrobatics of the students. In the same vein, the students effectively presented the religious saga of ‘Rani Sati Mata’ in the dance drama ‘Narayani Gatha’ directed by Mrs. Shweta Mundra and Mrs. Deepti Bindal. The dance drama ‘Mat Chuko Chauhan – Prithviraj Raso’ directed by Mrs. Priyanka Kapoor and Mr.Praveen Rajan enthralled the audience. The valor and courage of Prithviraj was beautifully presented by the students through this special presentation. Tributes were also paid to two great personalities of India through a cultural programme. The students danced to the beautiful songs of Lata ji in ‘Swar Kokila – A Tribute to Lata Mangeshkar’ and won a lot of applause. He was fondly remembered through the Kathak dance of the great Kathak artist ‘Birju Maharaj’. The enthusiasm of the festivals was visible in the group dance ‘Festival Bash’. The students enthralled the audience with their Michael Jackson dance performance in ‘Magnificent Show – UV Light Dance’ directed by Mr.Praveen Rajan. Through that, the students got their dance talen

t ironed. In the group dance ‘Navaras’, the students presented Navras in classical dance postures and won a lot of applause. Modern dance style was used brilliantly in Bollywood fusion.

In this episode ‘Life then and now’, the duality of ancient and new lifestyle was visible. The students presented an impressive puppet dance using old film songs and dialogues in a group dance ‘Sholay Puppet’. The students presented their patriotic spirit in the form of soldiers in the dance drama ‘Galwan Valley’ directed by Mr.Sudhir Singh and Mrs. Jayshree Mam. Hindi drama ‘Yeh Natak Nahi’ directed by Mr. V N Rai , Mrs. Sunita Singh, Mrs Monika Roy and Mr.Rajesh Choubey succeeded in making the audience laugh. The nok jhok between husband and wife was presented beautifully. Similarly, there were more interesting and attractive presentations by the students, in which the audience kept clapping with thunderous sound. The play Charlie Chaplin, directed by Mr.Samuel George and Mrs. Elizabeth George, was successful in tickling the audience. This annual festival, organized on the silver jubilee year of Yugantar, was full of unforgettable memories among the huge community of about 3000 spectators, in which about 1000 students performed interesting arts like song, dance, acting. In this sequence, the annual magazine of the school, Yugantar Vision, was released by the dignitaries. The students who got place in the merit list were honored with medals. School principal Mr. Abhishek Khandelwal and school head Girl Tanvi Bindal presented the annual report, in which they mentioned the achievements of the year. Program in-charge Mrs. Deepti Bindal and Mrs. Shweta Mundra planned the entire program properly. Mr. Praveen Rajan, Ms.Amisha Soni of Dance Department, Mr.Vinay Naidu, Mr. Gopi Patel, Mr. Akshay Kehri, Ms. Akanksha Chaturvedi of Music and Singing Department,Mr. Ajay Chaurasia of Art and Craft Department, Mr.Gyanesh Patel, Mr.Manish Yadav of Computer Department helped in keeping the program full of beauty.
In this direction, every teacher-in-charge of the program made their invaluable contribution in making the program successful. In the same sequence, all the members of the Student Council, including Head Boy Seyash Toppo, Academic Secretary Maulik Jain, Cultural Secretary Ashi Khandelwal, Bhumika Bafna, Suyash Agarwal, Rashi Kewat, Shreyash Ranjan Singh, Dipanshu Uike, had taken care of discipline. Conducting this anniversary celebration under the guidance of Mrs. Kanchan Sohal, Mrs. Shalini Nair, Mrs.Sunita Singh, Disha Dongre, Karthik Nair, Sara Bhattacharya, Pinak Bhattacharya, Swapnil Talloo, Riya Shukla, Rashi Rai, Aditi Burman, Anshdeep Bagga, Soumya Motlani, Arya Rahtgaonkar , Shruti Paryani, Aishwarya Ramesh, Kaushika Vishwakarma, Manya Sharma, Manya Jain, Arsh Devghare, Arya Bindal, Venya Asati, Tanvi Bindal, Gursheen Kaur Bhatia, Bhumi Bafna, Rashi Kewat, Komal Jain, Ishmeet, Jahanveer, Khanak Baid, Shivansh Srijan Shukla, Arnika Parakh, Samiksha Motlani, Krisha, Manvi Sejpal, Disha Tiwari, Divya Tiwari, Avika Khandelwal, Jhanvi Daga, Jayshree Kushwaha, Sudha Sahu, Jhanvi Lal, Kapish Jain, Shrivalli Pahade, Vibha Thakur, Shrenik Kothari, Devansh Belawala, Suhani ,Samrat Bohra,Avighna,Ilahinoor,Aaradhya,Aaradhya Bohra,Anushka Jain,Saksham Jain,Pavitra Upadhyay,Geetika Golchha did anchoring successfully. The ceremony ended with the national anthem. Director Mr. Sushil Kothari announced to give special incentive to all the staff. The management has talked about making all the classes air-conditioned soon and has also shown determination for the construction of a grand auditorium.